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With a vision to showcase the multitude of valuable resources that our state has offer, the Vault contains a comprehensive library of small business resources and financing programs that exist throughout the state today. Big or small, woman or minority owned, rural or urban, start-up or existing, you name it. The Vault is a place where these dedicated individuals can explore all that our state has to offer, right at their fingertips.

Why Create the Vault?

Every day across North Dakota, creative and daring individuals are taking the leap to start or own a business and live out their dream.  These same small businesses often find themselves “stuck” and wondering where to turn. So, our team got to thinking…

What if there was a place where all of these hidden gems and valuable treasures were stored? A place where entrepreneurs and business owners, no matter what stage of their business they are in, can come to see all of the resources and small business financing programs, both big and small, that North Dakota has to offer. A place to view the best kept secrets and hidden treasures.


And so, we created the Vault.

Financing Programs

Listing more than 250 financing programs for start-up and existing businesses.

Resource Providers

Featuring over 170 key resource partners and providers throughout ND.


Available all in one comprehensive and customized online library.