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Supporting Small Business – Why and How

Mar 14, 2022

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You hear it said over and over – “You should support small business”.

You see the little stickers in every downtown window – “Shop Small.”

There is even a day dedicated to it – “Small Business Saturday.”

But why is it so important? And what does it really mean to support small business?

Many people do not realize just how impactful shopping small and supporting small business can be. Here are just a few benefits shopping small brings to you, your community, and your local economies.

  1. Small businesses are invested in you and your community. Small businesses are usually locally owned companies that have personal investment in your community and prioritize supporting it in any way they can. They are the businesses that donate pizzas for your kids’ soccer game, sponsor various causes, events, and organizations, and participate in community events. When you support a small business, it is likely that you know who you are supporting, what they stand for, and the ways in which they make your community unique. By shopping or utilizing their services, you are giving back to the people and businesses that help your community each and every day.
  2. Small businesses typically provide better and more personalized customer service. Think of the small businesses in your city. Some may know you by name. Some may give you the opportunity to place an order or talk to a representative personally. Some may even go to extraordinary means to show you that you are a valued customer that they do not want to lose. More often than not, this is the kind of service you will receive from a local small business as opposed to a large corporation. And for most people, supporting businesses who treat you well is easy to do.
  3. Small businesses improve your community’s overall well-being. There are many ways that small businesses improve your community’s health, well-being, and local economy. First, they spark innovation and entrepreneurship, putting unique spins on products and services and providing more opportunities for community members to make their lives better. They also create meaningful jobs for the communities that they are in, providing work to families throughout the area at a place where they are empowered to help their community. Lastly, when a customer buys locally, more money stays in the community as compared to larger corporations. By shopping small, you are helping your friends, your communities, and your economy thrive!

But where do you even begin? Here are just a few simple ways that you can support your local business right now.

  • Purchase a gift or gift card for a friend from a local gift shop
  • Join a local gym or participate in a virtual fitness/yoga class
  • Service your car at your local mechanic
  • Leave a positive review on a local business’s Facebook page
  • Visit your Farmer’s Market for fresh produce or shop at your local grocery store
  • Try the menu at your local restaurant as opposed to a larger chain
  • Visit a local nursery or garden center for your landscaping needs
  • Purchase lemonade from your neighbor’s kid’s lemonade stand

The possibilities are endless!

The next time you see the “Shop Small” signs in the window downtown, you will understand why shopping local is so important.

Consider shopping small and be a part of supporting your community and celebrating small businesses in this unique (and fun!) way.