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Sundae Brew: A Recipe for Business Success

Aug 29, 2023

A Recipe For Business Success!


 Town of Hillsboro

Prep Time

Lifetime of Dreams

Cook Time


Nutrition Facts

Full of Heart

With community support and a long time coming, Nicole Evans founded Sundae Brew. Read on to find out how Nicole made an impact in the Hillsboro community by following her passion for baking! 

  • Ingredients

  • 1 Determined Entrepreneur

  • 9 Outstanding Employees

  • 1 Community's Request

  • 1 SBA 504 Loan - Dakota Business Lending

  • 1 Dedicated Lender - Choice Bank

  • 1 Interest Rate Buy Down - Bank of North Dakota

  • 1 Community Partner - City of Hillsboro

  • Instructions

  • 1

    Start with 1 cup of childhood dreams: Since she was 13, Nicole Evans has dreamed of owning her own bakery. After some time, she moved on from these dreams to pursue a degree in business and began working as the Center Director for the Small Business Development Center in Grand Forks, ND. 

  • 2

    Add 1 ounce of coincidence: Despite putting her baking dreams on the back burner, fate had other plans. In 2006, Nicole stumbled into crafting her brother’s wedding cake, setting into motion the start of her entrepreneurship journey as her name began to spread.   

  • 3

    Mix in 1 dash of entrepreneurial spirit: In no time, Nicole found herself making bars, cakes, and anything baked! With a supportive husband and a town looking for more, Nicole purchased a building in Hillsboro, ND where she lived. In 2022, Sundae Brew opened with coffee, ice cream, desserts, and deep-fried foods!

    I kept hearing, ‘I wish we had a coffee shop,’ ‘I wish we had a place for kids to go,’ ‘I wish we had ice cream’…and I wanted to make those wishes come true.” – Nicole 

  • 4

    Pour in 1 SBA 504 loan (the secret ingredient!): Through the SBA 504 loan from Dakota Business Lending, in partnership with Choice Bank, Nicole found the financing needed for Sundae Brew’s land, building, renovations, and new equipment. She also partnered with Bank of North Dakota to utilize their Flex Pace program and the City of Hillsboro for a Community Match.

  • “It is awesome to see a vision from a customer come to fruition with the help of SBA 504 loans.” – Joe Demester, Business Banker at Choice Bank   

  • 5

    Sprinkle with employees: 

    With 9 employees to start, Sundae Brew provided work for local high school students who often found job opportunities limited in Hillsboro.  A new community location for all to enjoy, Sundae Brew quickly became a place of warm welcomes and familiar smiles.  

    “My favorite part of the business? Definitely watching the employees bloom and grow! Nicole 

  • 6

    Add a Pinch of Advice: Nicole stresses the importance of patience and calculation throughout the process of building a business.

    Be patient make sure you have everything you need beforehand, even down to the fork Understand you are dedicated to the business, you really have to put in the time and effort. Nicole  

  • 7

    Icing on the cake: In 2023, Sundae Brew was awarded the title of “recommended” on Guru and continues to grow in popularity in the community of Hillsboro and beyond.   

Serving Suggestion: 

This Sundae Brew & 504 – Recipe for Success is best served with a side of patience and perseverance.  


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For more information about Sundae Brew, visit their website.

This article was written by Dakota Business Lending with permission from Sundae Brew and is not to be edited or redistributed without permission.