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Roxi Pfliiger • Business Development/
Commercial Loan Officer

Roxi brings a non-lending past to her commercial lending role, but what that means to Dakota Business Lending is a broad range of experience that helps her see things uniquely from the borrowers’ points of view. Roxi heralds over 30 years of business management experience in retail, telecommunications and manufacturing industries.  She joined Dakota Business Lending in 2014 and has worked to get some of the most complex projects approved despite numerous challenges along the way.

While organizing chaos comes easily for Roxi, her ability to cut through complexity and get to the heart of the matter allows her to navigate the most difficult situations.

She has an innate ability to present information in a way that everyone understands.  She cares deeply about the results of her work and ensures that her borrowers and lending partners are on the right track to get things done.