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Meet our Entrepreneur District Residents

May 15, 2023

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The second floor of Dakota Business Lending has been buzzing with excitement, new faces, and tons of opportunities this spring as we welcome the first group of Residents to the Entrepreneur District!

If there’s anything the last few years have taught us, it’s that we truly are social beings who thrive on connection and collaboration. The Entrepreneur District is designed specifically to provide opportunities to foster that collaboration, all while giving the busy, dedicated, multi-faceted individuals the office space they need to thrive.

We’d like to introduce you to this incredible group of business owners who are jumping headfirst into this new and exciting resource.

Andy Obermoller

aoTek –

Meet Andy: A marketing and technology guru who helps businesses leverage technology to grow their organization through custom software, mobile apps, websites, integrations, digital marketing, and consulting.

Most Excited About: Getting to know other Residents and growing his business. 

Ashley Hauer

Potential Profit Consulting, LLC –  

Meet Ashley: A multi-passionate entrepreneur who enjoys light-hearted movies, friendly competition, and giving solid, tailored financial advice to help business owners reach their full potential.

Most Excited About: Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who want to learn and grow together.

Darcy Bakkegard

The Educators’ Lab –

Meet Darcy: An author and change consultant who designs and facilitates classes, workshops, and curriculums to transform educators.  

Most Excited About: Having a space to focus on JUST WORK, meet with clients in a professional setting, and collaborating with other entrepreneurs.

Erick Roder

Rodeamerica –

Meet Erick: A life-long adventurer working to build an office on wheels so others can explore the world while working and become adventurers too.

Most Excited About: Learning from others who are also new to starting a business.

Glen Stevens

Mental Fitness Guy –

Meet Glen: A former pastor turned entrepreneur who coaches business leaders and their teams to strengthen their revenue and growth while improving their relationships and well-being.

Most Excited About: Collaborating with other Residents and looking for win-win-win opportunities to grow. 

Jared Grondahl

Intrepitek –

Meet Jared: A life-long computer nerd who helps small businesses manage their cybersecurity so they can focus on what they do best.

Most Excited About: Getting to know the other Residents and bringing different mindsets together to get some great ideas flowing.

Melissa Obernauer

Sew It, Stitch It

Meet Melissa: A nurse, entrepreneur, and life-long North Dakotan who creates handmade products such as aprons, kitchen sets, mugs/tumblers, and more.

Most Excited About: Taking advantage of mentorship opportunities, growing as a person and as a business, and meeting the other Residents.

Stacie Johnson

Being Social with Stacie J –

Meet Stacie: A wife, mother, and creative, determined, fun-chasing individual making social media easier for businesses of all sizes, stages, and industries. 

Most Excited About: Collaborating with others, exchanging ideas, and motivating each other to take risks and grow.

Stephanie Drietz

Drietz Designs –

Meet Stephanie: A wife, mother, and full-time freelance graphic designer creating professional print materials for businesses across the nation.

Most Excited About: Having the space to be creative and get work done alongside other entrepreneurs in the community.

We can’t wait to see these entrepreneurs grow, take their businesses to even bigger heights, and be transformed!

For more information on the Entrepreneur District, visit our webpage