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New Space for Entrepreneurs Looking to Transform their Business

Nov 8, 2022

Dakota Business Lending is excited to launch the Entrepreneur District, a transformative space located on the second floor of their headquarter office in Fargo. The Entrepreneur District will bring together ten entrepreneurs from various industries and give them access to both the office space they need and the collaboration they crave to create, work, and grow…all in one physical space.

As part of the Entrepreneur District, business owners who were once siloed now have the opportunity to expand by working in fellowship with other Entrepreneurs in Residence. Through this physical community of Residents, the program lessens common barriers for entrepreneurs to help them better generate ideas, create efficiencies, fill gaps, and serve the community with their talents – all which growing and sustaining their own businesses.

Those who wish to hold their office at the Entrepreneur District must have one of two goals: the desire and potential to grow and scale their business (hire employees, own/rent their own space, expand to other cities, go from part-time to full-time business owners, increase revenue, etc.) or the desire to sustain their business at its current level by creating a more robust, well-rounded business (product development, service streamlining, etc.). Dakota Business Lending will provide entrepreneurs with the office space, mentorship, education, collaboration and partnerships, and capital needed to continue to advance not only their business, but themselves as entrepreneurs.

Residency at the Entrepreneur District is free for business owners who meet the following qualifications:

  1. Must be a business in operation and in good standing
  2. Must be in need of physical office space
  3. Must have an eagerness to collaborate and a desire to be transformed

Applications to be one of Dakota Business Lending’s ten Entrepreneurs in Residence will open on January 5, 2023. More information can be found on their webpage. For questions, contact Michaela Schell, Entrepreneurial Development Director at or 701-412-2928.

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