Using Their Superpowers for Good: A Look into Local Heroes who are Transforming North Dakota

Nov 15, 2022

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What makes a superhero? Is it the cape? A cool name? A villain to fight against?

We believe the real superheroes are made when they use their powers to better themselves, their families, and their communities. Lucky for us, we have a few right here in North Dakota who are working towards bettering our society…one small business at a time.

Do you recognize any of these local superheroes?

Superpowers: Super vision, empowerment, passion for learning

Origin of powers: Observing her superhero mother who opened Sylvan Learning Center in Bismarck

Disguised as: Wife, daughter, mother, tutor/educator, Bismarck-Mandan Chamber’s 2017 Small Business Person of the Year

Weaknesses: No ability to fly; having to travel 4-5 hours to meet with families for services

Her (super) vision: to make tutoring opportunities accessible border-to-border across North Dakota

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Breezee Hennings

Superpowers: superhuman determination, enhanced crafting, mental toughness

Origin of powers: shared passion for adventure, creativity, and brewing with her husband

Disguised as: Wife, brewer, co-owner of Fargo’s first craft cidery

Weaknesses: no multiplication or cloning abilities; denied financing by 15+ banks

Her (super) vision: to open an eco-friendly brewery where she can share her love for craft cider with Fargo

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Superpowers: environmental adaptability; resilience; positivity

Origin of powers: desire to build her career in her hometown

Disguised as: Wife, mother, speech-pathologist, owner of Minot’s first private speech pathology practice

Weaknesses:  Hulk-sized growth in an Ant Man-sized facility

Her (super) vision:  to give children a voice and build a community for kids with disabilities

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Superpowers: super-strength, grit, confidence-building

Origin of powers: military family background with a passion for health and fitness

Disguised as: Military spouse, massage therapist, nutritionist, co-owner of martial arts and fitness center

Weaknesses: lightning speed growth; garages

Her (super) vision: to form a space where people of all body shapes, fitness levels, and age groups are welcome

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Mechelle Mortenson

Superpowers: faith, courage, supernatural fashion sense

Origin of powers: a desire to fill a gap in her community

Disguised as: Wife, mother, woman of faith, business owner, shop-o-holic

Weaknesses: no ability to teleport; having to drive 100+ miles for her favorite brands

Her (super) vision: to bring premium clothing brand options to the citizens of Williston

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Superpowers: Emotional intelligence, enhanced flexibility, wisdom

Origin of powers: several years of experience and an encouraging spouse / business partner

Disguised as: Wife, clinical psychologist partner, business owner

Weaknesses: temporarily stunted growth; negative stigmas around mental health

Her (super) vision: to transform an existing clinical psychology practice into a holistic, community-driven mental health center

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