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Entrepreneur District Alumni 2023

2023 Residents

These 9 incredible business owners make up our inaugural Entrepreneur District cohort and are the brave individuals who dove headfirst into this new and exciting resource.

Andy Obermoller

Andy Obermoller

Darcy Bakkegard

Darcy Bakkegard

Erick Roder

Erick Roder

Glen Stevens

Glen Stevens

Jared Grondahl

Jared Grondahl

Melissa Obenauer

Melissa Obenauer

Stephanie Drietz

Stephanie Drietz

2023 Overview

A lot happened for these entrepreneurs throughout 2023. Here’s an overview of their time at the Entprereneur District…by the numbers.


Group Meetings

New employees hired


Total revenue increase

Business pivots

New business offerings created

It has been so nice to have a separate space where I can gain ideas, collaborate with other entrepreneurs, and work in a more professional setting.

– Stacie Johnson, Being Social with Stacie J

New Skills / Areas of Growth

This group of entrepreneurs experienced significant personal and professional development during their time at the District. Here are some areas they grew in.


Financing Tools

Goal Setting

Hard Conversations


Public Speaking

Sales Skills

Social Media / Marketing


“Our group meetings were great for getting ideas and suggestions. Our discussions forced me out of my comfort zone and helped a lot with my public speaking skills.”

– Jared Grondahl, Intrepitek

Industries Served

The 2023 Residents came from a wide variety of industries…allowing them to each bring a unique perspective to the group.

Accounting / Financial Services

Business Coaching

Custom Gifts



Graphic Design


Social Media / Marketing


“My mentor’s perspective was incredibly valuable. They helped point out some mistakes they’ve made and how I can avoid making them in my business.”

– Erick Roder, Rodemerica


On top of it all, these Residents had some huge wins in 2023. Here’s a glimpse of what they accomplished in just ONE year!

Quadrupled expected profit

Found new office location

Signed a large contract

Gave a keynote speech

Got first clients

Built a functional website

Expanded target market

Had a profitable year

Added a new service

Established key partnerships

Created way to scale business

Earned largest revenue

“I’ve had my best year in business yet! The chance to goal set, seek advice, learn, and have a place to work uninterrupted helped me so much.”

– Stephanie Drietz, Dreitz Designs

Overall Confidence

After a year at the District, we asked the 2023 Residents to rate their level of support and confidence in various areas of business ownership. Here are some of the key areas they grew.

A big thanks to these amazing Residents for their dedication, hard work, and willingness to share their thoughts, skills, and passions with one another. We wish them all the best of luck!