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Dakota Property Services: From Addiction to Entrepreneurship

Jan 24, 2024

Daniel Coleman has forged his path through life’s challenges. Drawing from the lessons he’s learned about tenacity, focus, and striving to be better, he decided to forge yet another path – a path of entrepreneurship. Read how Dan allowed his life experience to guide his next steps to success…  


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Dreaming on the Job

Daniel Coleman’s entrepreneurial journey all started over lunch break. As an employee for a local construction company in Fargo, Dan found himself with a $1,000 Amazon credit card and the persisting dream of becoming his own boss. With a list of pros and cons in hand, Dan decided to take the risk and start his own business.

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Maxing out Ambition

Maxing out his Amazon card, Dan spent the rest of that August afternoon purchasing the necessary tools for starting his own power washing business – Precision Power Washing Services.

As a recovering heroine and meth addict, he understood the power of resilience and steady persistence. These skills helped Dan see the opportunity to further develop his business by offering snow removal to accommodate for the upcoming winter weather…all while working his full-time construction job.

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Assembling His Growth Toolkit

During the winter, Dan attended an entrepreneurship class at Dakota Business Lending led in conjunction with the F5 Project where he learned how to develop a business plan, understand his financial statements, and other critical skills to grow his business. The only thing he needed to take this next step was financing…

I knew that if I really wanted to grow my business and dive into it full time, I needed to find additional revenue streams. I had talked to several customers about mowing services and wanted to take that next step. I just needed to find financing to make it possible.”

-Dan Coleman

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From Loans to Lawns

After the entrepreneurship class, Dan visited with Dakota Business Lending about his financing options. He was able to use a Community Impact Loan to purchase equipment so Dakota Property Services could begin offering lawn care services and better serve their customers. From there, his business continued to grow…

After visiting Dakota Business Lending, it was time to get to work! The day I secured the loan, I immediately bought a mower and proceeded to mow for 16 hours straight.”

-Dan Coleman

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Building the Bedrock

Dan’s work ethic became the bedrock of his business. Still juggling his full-time construction job from Monday to Friday, he dedicated 24 hours every weekend to mowing lawns. And his hard work was beginning to pay off…

After the birth of his son, Dan was able to leave his construction job behind and fully commit to growing the business he now called “Dakota Property Services.”

My past has taught me a lot about the power of hard work, so I began to really channel that into my business. From drywall to roofing, I started doing whatever I could to pay the bills. And it was beginning to pay off…

-Dan Coleman

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Reaching New Revenues

Dakota Property Services’ growth began to skyrocket. In just four years, he brought this company from a $100,000 revenue to $1+ million today. Following his first loan, Dan has utilized three more Community Impact Loans through Dakota Business Lending, taking Dakota Property Services and its reach to even greater heights. Dan now leads a team of 5-7 employees, many of which are recovering addicts who get to share in his story.

“Addicts in recovery are amazing people. What they face and what they accomplish in their sobriety is nothing short of amazing…and that kind of work ethic is exactly what my business is all about.

-Dan Coleman

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A Company that Cares

Dan's dedication extends beyond business. Driven by a sincere commitment to helping others, he offers free services to veterans, assists stranded drivers in winter, and consistently goes above and beyond. The results are evident, as Dakota Property Services received the Fargo Community Votes award in 2022 in recognition of their strong community commitment.

"Helping the community is what gives me purpose in life and in my business. Dakota Property Services always goes out of our way to help others, and that's what someone needs to bring to the table when they're hired here."

-Dan Coleman

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, putting myself in risky situations that led to bad decisions and jail time…but I’ve chosen to learn from these mistakes and with commitment am striving to build a positive legacy for my family through hard work and personal growth.” 

For more information about Dakota Property Services, visit their website.

This article was written by Dakota Business Lending with permission from Dakota Property Services and is not to be edited or redistributed without permission.